Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anthroposophical Medicine IPMT 2011 @ India

An email from: Waldorf Steiner Education Association Singapore
To Friends of Waldorf
Please find information below for your perusal. Kindly contact Parimal
Pandit directly:


Dear Friends,

Some of you may be aware that the International Postgraduate Medical
Training 2011 (IPMT) is being conducted at Chennai this year. It is
being held from the 19th - 26th of November 2011.
It is a week long residential program which will be held at TTDC
Resort, Mamallapuram.

There is a new group called Community Development which was started
last year. Community Development is group which is for corporates,
social activists, people associated with administration and community
at large like directors, principals etc. This is facilitated by Dr.
Michaela (world head of Medical section of Anthroposophical Medicine).
Its a wholistic way of looking at society, money and corporates.

There is a new group being added this year, called Curative Education.
This deals with children and adults who have special needs.

Do write to me if you are interested and would like to attend. You can
pass this on to friends who you know will be interested.

Thank you.
Warm regards,

Parimal Pandit
+91 9884733004
IPMT Committee